Monday, December 12, 2016

So, about that resolution...

The resolution didn't work out exactly the way I wanted!  I got out of the habit of reading again.  Clarissa is just slow going.  The plot is really, really interesting.  There is a lot of intrigue,.  Unfortunately, for the modern reader, the old fashioned language makes the book a slog.  It's not the kind of book that I can just pick up and read for 2-3 minutes here and there.  It takes some commitment and thought to read, get into it, and think about what is going on.

In Volume 4 we see more of Lovelace's true colors.  Did people really act like that back then, or was this poetic license?  A morality play - don't run off from your family, young women, or you might get wrapped up into a situation as bad as this one?

I'm actually interested to see if some of his bad plots come to fruition in Volume 5, or if Clarissa and her family and friends will be able to extricate themselves from his clutches!

Friday, January 8, 2016


New Year's Eve 2014.

Me to Pea, age 6: People sometimes make New Year's resolutions.  You pick something you want to try to do or to improve on for the next year.  Would you like to make a New Year's resolution?

Pea: Sure.  (thinks)

Me: Have you decided on your New Year's resolution?

Pea: Well, I was going to have it to be less shy, but I think that will be too hard.  So I think I am going to try to turn myself invisible from time to time.

This year I made a few New Year's resolutions.  The one relevant to this blog is that I resolved to read more.  Specifically, to read a little every day.  Not counting numbers of pages or minutes, just a little bit daily.  I get out of the habit of reading sometimes, and when that happens I miss it.

Reading a little each day got me through volume 3 of Clarissa fairly quickly. I love how Richardson develops the story through the letters of the characters - I feel as though I am watching it unfold along with them.  In this volume we discover that Lovelace is not that great of a guy after all.  He's a womanizer who set Clarissa up because he wanted her.  He isn't sure he wants to marry her and probably won't be faithful if they do marry.

Clarissa is in a rough spot here.  It would probably make her life easier if she could turn herself invisible from time to time.